Saturday, March 23, 2013

March Meeting

Hi folks. We had a great meeting at Ruth's last night. Judy took pix, so you're in for an extra treat! Here are the 3 of us who bucked the cold weather, stubbornly insisting that spring IS here!

Lynn went first. She got laid off from her regular job designing metal ornaments, which has been happening for a few years now. If all goes as planned, she will get re-hired in September. In the meantime, she is pleased to be busy doing freelance and and her own art.

MaryBeth brought some of her latest punch and fold-up characters. She also did a great set of vintage looking patterns that would look terrific on dishtowels, napkins, tablecloths, etc., using Illustrator.

Nicole is preparing for Surtex, which is in 8 short weeks! She's going to show her new work on her new ipad. She also posted a new design on a Shutterfly contest, the first one she's done this year. And, she's back up to working 3 days a week at her "day jobs."  She thinks that she's happier with too much work than too much time. More good news... her husband got a full-time job!

Ruth gave a talk at Bay View for a Women in Work day. (Christine, who couldn't attend last night, also presented) Ruth was nervous, but felt that her mom's spirit was there to calm her. (Her mom passed away earlier this month after a long illness) She "whipped up" this illustration as part of her activity... she had the girls illustrate and Alice or Jabberwocky.
She has also gotten two new jobs, one from the Methodist Publishing House, a new client.

Michelle spent a week at her sister's waiting for her niece, who arrived a bit late, but healthy! (hooray) While she was in Maryland, she worked on posters and CD covers/interior for one of her long-time clients, going for a vintage look.

Donna is working on a new project, using her collection of snowmen as characters with a bit of storytelling and humor. She's been making ACEO's of these characters, and is loaded with ideas.
Judy is stoked about Zentangles. She's considering taking a class that will officially make her a Zentangle teacher, because she LOVES Zentangles, and she LOVES teaching. She is teaching Final Projects at RISD-CE, and doing a great job getting the students ready for graduating from the certificate program in Children's Book Illustration.
Sandy gave a presentation at Judy's class on Perspective, and brought some of the materials she'd prepared for the talk. She demonstrated how David Weisner used perspective in one of his illustrations, and we were all impressed with her expertise and interesting way of presenting it.

I didn't bring a thing, but promised to get myself back on track by the next meeting. I am enjoying teaching my Illustration II class.

Linnea had a cold, so she couldn't come, but she relayed some GREAT news through MaryBeth... she sold 2 of the paintings in her new gallery in CA.... already! WOW. Congrats, Linnea.

And Carol Way Wood, who could FINALLY make it to a meeting.... couldn't... because her daughter DID go into labor!  Hope all is well, Carol.

Mary Beth was wearing a cool jacket, handcrafted by an artist (sorry, I didn't catch the name), and we were impressed by the cleverness of it's construction (in addition to the beautiful art)

Next meeting is at MaryBeth's on Friday, April 26 at 7:00. Put it on your calendars!

Best, Cheryl