Saturday, February 23, 2013


We had a wonderful meeting At Christine and Joe's house. While we met and shared our work, Joe slaved away in the kitchen finishing the excellent lunch the two of them had planned.

I'm back to submitting to Illustration Friday. To help keep me on task, please sign up on my blog to get my post each week for I.F. It's easy just fill in your email on my blog HERE. Post a comment and I'm sure to keep up with the art...I think.
Pictured is this week IF 's word WOOL. My first pic shows the original art, the second shows a sketch over, with how I plan to improve the piece (created in sketchbook Pro on IPAD).

Susan Novich also is starting up Illustration Friday again, and did a bunny Easter card (pic) with a storm of eggs for IF's word "Storm" last week. She made the art, printed it out as a card, posted it on her new Etsy site, and sold one right away!

Mary Beth Cryan brought her little punch-out-and-assemble Presidents for a new Dover Books (pic). And she brought back tales from her trip to NYC. Activity books still seem to be the best selling ideas for her. Fingers crossed on some results for her efforts.
Linnea Leeming brought five new beautiful painting she calls small sketches. They were all amazing and we took turns guessing what we saw in them. We did not see a single penis as that is the first thing she looks for and paints them right out! Linnea uses Fabriano Artistico 300 for her acylic sketches.
Sandy Valpey Cordts has been taking courses at RISD. She brought her life drawing that were great, but she got the biggest oohs and ahhhs from her self portrait. Sandy will be starting a new class at RISD "2 dimensional design" on the same night I'll be teaching the portfolio review class. Isn't it great to have artist friends with overlapping interests? Sandy recommends Robin Weismans Saturday life drawing open studio.
Jean Cotton Brought a bunch of stuff she is doing with her students. I was fascinated by the round Zen tangle she made as an example for the class. Also showed us black silhouette drawings over colored backgrounds. She used Liquid Watercolors from Dick Blick that worked great! Jean brought her latest mug from her "Making Faces Pottery" shop she has on Etsy. They are sooo cool.

Nicole Tamarin had lots of great new images for the upcoming Surtex show in May. She is worried she won't be prepared, but she has so much from last year along with a lot of new stuff we assured her she will do just fine. You go girl!! See her art on her website HERE.

Joanne Friar brought a pen and ink drawing she planned on water coloring over, but ended up finishing with her trusty acrylics. It's a pretty piece taken from a poem about a little singing bird. Joanne may make this into a post card. We suggest a card.  Maybe an active Etsy site for Joanne's cards in the future?
She also brought an amazing Christmas stocking she designed and cross stitched for her grandson.

Christine Hannon showed us two versions of a waterlily she printed with a solar metal plate technique. I didn't understand it all but the end results were cool.
She also showed us pictures of the walls she was starting to faux paint before she fell off the ladder and the job was scrapped! She is starting a new mural in a folk art style of a girl walking into a carnival. She is going to post the stages of this project on her blog.

FYI, the  reasonable compact scanner husband Bill just purchased is:Epson Perfection V500 PHOTO w/digital ice technology! I love the title. 

Lots of other goodies arrived from FAN members today. I brought my Favorite Hermits. here is the recipe.

The writer is not responsible for any errors or omissions on this blog. She kept forgetting she had taken on the job as meeting secretary and found it hard to keep up. She indulged in pondering about this piece and that with all the visual and verbal overload.


  1. OMG, Judy. You were BORN for this job. Pictures and the whole nine yards! I'm weeping that I couldn't make the meeting, with so much wonderful art and interesting tales abounding. (AND lunch!)

    See y'all next month. Thanks SO much for the notes, Judy!! (love your disclaimer, too)

  2. Great job, Judy! And thanks for the scanner info.
    Cheryl, we missed you terribly. Sad to see you're not bringing some nice weather back with you!

  3. I see most of you gals blog already but for those of you who want to blog, I'd be happy to teach a little class in my studio if you can get together on the same day. It's fast and fun! Start saving your pictures and info you want to post.